Special Thanks To………

……. VizLit conference (aka visual literacy), Jamie Nast (I even made a idea map for this blog post!), Karl Gude (who helped me learn how to make nine different smiley faces), Brandy Agerbeck (I wish I could draw as well as you), Mr.Crawford and Les Howard (who are really funny), and last but not least, Cliff Atkinson!

For next year you should have something for the kids. Also more drawing please! Thank you again, everyone!

What is VizLit? It is basicaly a conference about visual literacy. I chose sessions called putting it together: visual synthesis, why a cartoon?, and mind mapping: a whole-brain visual thinking tool. Mr.Crawford thought that it would be okay to have me there because I like to think big thoughts and I like to think visualy.


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6 Responses to Special Thanks To………

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  2. Emily! It was a great pleasure having you in my session “Why a Cartoon?” Your contributions were insightful and appreciated. One of my favorite moments from the conference was your response when Tom asked us to share what we were doing next. All of the adults were getting deep and meaningful about future projects and bringing things back to work, but you said it best: Ice cream and tasty pastries! We hope to see you next year.

  3. Thanks for the thanks, Emily! Keep drawing and you will draw as well as me. I’ve just got 30 more years of practice. :^D I can still picture your history of boats. That was great. I wish I had the love of history your have.

  4. Les Howard says:

    Hi Emily,
    What a great post. It is great to read/see your thoughts on the VizLit conference. Thanks for your feedback, may be you may be interested in doing a presentation next year.

  5. Emily M says:

    Hi Emily,

    I just got a question about insects at the library that I wasn’t able to answer, but I think there’s a chance you might know it.

    A teacher is trying to develop a Rock-Paper-Scissors style game for her students that deal with an insect food chain. It’s easy to find three insects that line up in a food chain, but very hard to find one that’s a sort of food triangle with the smaller insect defeating the bigger one. This teacher thought she’d heard of a small insect that did something to the larva of a larger one to keep it from reproducing. Is this something you’ve heard of?

    No worries if you don’t know the answer to the question, but since you’re my resident bug expert, I thought I’d ask.

    -Big Emily

    • EMTorrance says:

      no, but there is the bird – dragonfly – misquito triangle! the misquito feeds on the bird, the dragonfly feeds on the misquito, and the bird feeds on the dragonfly!

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